creative works

I’ve been drawing since I was in elementary school, but picked up painting in 2005. I paint as a meditative practice and have found the civil rights movement, along with the the movers within it (Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nina Simone), to be my muses. I MLK: Unarmed Truthdon’t often sell my work; instead, I give much of it away to family and friends. However, in circa 2010, I began revising my original paintings (& photographs) as postcards that are currently on sale at Avid Books and The Athens Regional Library, Athens, GA; Charis Books & More, Atlanta; The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago; and online at

In addition to painting, I began collecting iPhone snapshots of stuff shaped like Africa. I call this project #icafrica, and many of my findings can be viewed on my #icafrica Tumblr and/or Instagram site. To date, I have only produced one #icafrica postcard, which is of the first #icafrica sighting I captured in Harlem, NY, 2008. My goal for this Africa in Eggproject is many: First, I’d like to see these images collected in one picture book where partial proceeds of the book’s earnings are donated to some worthy cause in some African country. (Obviously, I have not fully explored this goal.) Second, I’d like to create postcard books of 5-10 #icafrica images whose partial earnings are also donated.

Do check out both the Paintings (or Visual Rhetoric) and #icafrica (& stuff) links here, and leave your comments and/or wild suggestions.