Paintings (or Visual Rhetoric)

Although I had been drawing images at my mother’s dining room table since I was a little girl, I have been painting since circa 2005, after a break up left me a bit tattered. As blind artist Dr. Charlene Claye–who had been going blind since 2001, & in 2013, was hit by a car while crossing the street–confessed during an artist talk in Houston, Texas (2016), “When I create, it takes away my pain.” In that same vein, when I paint, I fall into a meditation that allows me to be in an “is-ness” where absolute freedom is possible.

As a poet, rhetoric & composition scholar, & civil rights throwback, I tend to paint people, ideas, & symbols that reflect my appreciation for Black social movements as they have been expressed through song, poetry, & activism. My intention is to create a lasting visual that communicates love. Some of my works (including tee shirts) can be purchased at

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