Winners of the College Language Association’s Margaret Walker Poetry Prize, 2012

I wrote the following peace in 2007 while my high school students watched a Civil Rights film.  It is a celebration of a woman whose aura woos me.

a poem for YK (because there’s something about her aura)

I wrote “If Jesus Were A Smoker, He’d Be My Daddy” after a conversation I was having with a former partner wherein I described to her my father’s smoking a Kool.   She and I were smoking Djarm Black, and as I pulled the smoke and released it through my nose, I thought of him.

If Jesus Were A Smoker, He’d Be My Daddy

Water is inspiring, as it always is.  I wrote this peace in 2011, obviously while visiting Niagara Falls.

While Visiting Niagara Falls

One comment

  1. Awww. That was so sweet (If Jesus were a smoker….) ! I can tell you love him very much. I thought that I was a poet earlier today but, here I am reading your beautiful writing and I realize I am not. Lol indeed it is only motivation but , nevertheless I am not a poet. I would love to pick your brain, your thoughts are intricate and unique .

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