I’m sick an’ tired (of white folks)

I know I’m not the only one carrying absolute exhaustion toward all of white America for their overwhelming performance re: this year’s Black Lives Matter Movement. I’m so tired of receiving emails from corporate America’s CEOs claiming to support the Black Lives Matter Movement–to being culturally sensitive & aware & intolerant of the racism (& classism & sexism & homophobia) that have been cornerstones maintaining white capitalist patriarchy since–. I don’t want to receive another emailed memorandum from white corporate America claiming solidarity w/its Black employees, offering counseling services, & committing to change <– whatever that means. I don’t want it, & I’d rather white corporate America keep it as real as Starbucks did when it initially & wholeheartedly professed that Black lives didn’t matter that much to them at all. All of this advertised pomp & circumstance feels unauthentic. It feels obligatory. It feels trendy. & light weight, it feels like a desperate attempt at ensuring the circulation of Black dollars.

I’m also tired of white people wanting to dialogue about race, of their professing speechlessness, of their asking for explications re: race matters. I’m so tired of their admitting to their new profound realization of their white privilege & sudden awareness of the dehumanization of Black people–all of which devalues & erases the Black activists, theorists, musicians, poets, & teachers who have composed works about white America’s brutality toward Black people since Black folks were “allowed to” write, sing, dance, & teach.

What do you think Phyllis Wheatley was really talking about in her “From Being Brought to America” poem? Are you not familiar w/Langston Hughes’ “I, Too, Sing America” & “A Raisin in the Sun” from whose title inspired Lorraine Hansberry’s play? Surely, you’ve skimmed some Cornel West, bell hooks, Angela Davis, Henry Louis Gates, or Michael Eric Dyson? At the very least, you’ve read an essay or two by Toni Morrison? Maybe read a Nikki Giovanni poem? Really looked at Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise?” You’ve had to have heard a verse or two by Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, or Aretha Franklin? You’ve definitely listened to Michael Jackson (before you criminalized him), & since you stay appropriating Black popular culture, you had to have gotten some NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, & late 20th/early 21st century Kanye West. I mean, have you for real not read King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Are you really unaware of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense? of the NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, Operation PUSH? Have you not seen a Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, or John Singleton film? Are you not alive in the world? 

WTF is this a-ha moment about?

Folks ranging from Michelle Obama to Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis to Jesse Williams, Colin Kaepernick to Lebron James have been long time using their celebrity platforms to speak up & out against the subjugation & disenfranchisement of Black lives. So, y’all ain’t been tuned into Oprah either? You missed Kaepernick’s nation wide non-violent “take the knee” protest?  GTFOH. While there’s no doubt y’all are pale faced zombies existing inside an unrhythmic beat of your own, your ignorance, & speechlessness, & cries for help reek of white girl tears decentering Black folks’ life-long commitment to humanitarian efforts, which includes Black visibility. Shame on you, but it would be unlike you to not decenter Black people in order to be the center of attention yet again. Yes, your professed ignorance, shame, sadness, & even your overwhelming support to the cause have decentered Black activists & protestors, theorists & writers, & the small Black owned business that has been printing & selling “Black Lives Matter,” “No Justice, No Peace,” & “Keep Hope Alive” tee shirts & paraphernalia before it was trending. I’m so tired of imaging a revolution thru white people’s receptions.

I’m also tired of witnessing white folks tryin to clean up their shit by censoring film & other mediums that reveal & archive white America’s monstrosities. No HBO, pulling Gone with the Wind doesn’t appease Black people; & neither does cancelling Cops impress on Black people a sense of safety &/or reconciliation. Just like the 2011 debate re: whether to omit the 219 times “nigger” is mentioned in Mark Twain’s 1885 Huckleberry Finn novel–considered an American classic–this current effort to reshape American culture is actually an erasure of white people’s hatred & barbaric behaviors toward Black people who remained humane under the inhumane conditions white people created for them. Nooooo. Don’t throw stones then hide your hands.

Generations after us have the right to know what America is, & generations after us, especially its people of color, must know what America overcame. Generations after us need to know the strength & the genius & the will of their American ancestors who survived the Middle Passage, Jim Crow, & now the 21st Century. & Generations after us need to know that not only did Black people insist on BEing but that white people finally had–& Lord knows I hope they really get there–the courage to stand w/Black people when it was unfashionable to do so. So got damn it! Leave the arts alone (& finally give Steven Spielberg’s rendition of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple every Oscar for which it received nominations).

Finally–& among much more that I’m tired of–I’m also tired of the phrase “black & brown” people. I fucking hate that phrase–despite my appreciation for the Hispanic culture whose members are most associated w/the phrase. Black folks from Miami know my rage.

I was born in Miami 20 years after the Cuban Revolution, which caused the wealthier Cuban population to seek economic refuge in Miami. Since then, Cubans have built economic, political, & academic capital that mimic America’s white patriarchy, thus further disenfranchising & marginalizing Black Miamians. Miami’s Cubans identify as white; they will step on the necks of Black folks to maintain a superiority that Castro’s revolution endeavored to squelch. Most of Miami’s Cubans are not in solidarity w/Black folks; they are not allies. They are not our comrades. They are, instead, a very detached community of colored folks who believe MAGA includes their empowerment.

& I understand since President — has taken office & declared his own war against Hispanic migrants, Black folks have more vocally made clear that brown people have always been part of the revolution. I get it. But my getting it doesn’t eliminate the cringe that rises in me when I hear Black people who are clearly advocating for a particular injustice against a Black person, include “black and brown” people in their declarations.   I reckon I’m tired of us pulling up other folks when we still fightin for the come up. But united we stand, divided we fall, right? & if that is right–

Attention Miami’s Cubans:

Eres una persona de color. You’re a person of color. You’re a person of color. You’re a person of color. & Black America needs you to wake the hell up & join us. ¡La lucha continua!


  1. You are AWESOME! This is SO on point and very clearly put into words the very sentiment I feel.

  2. WOW!!! There is such much power here. You captured how tired we are and called white folk on the carpet for yet again centering themselves!! Love it! You are an amazing writer, poet, and creative!! Keep letting your voice be heard!!!

  3. And that’s the truth Ruth!!! 💯 So glad you addressed the issue of the Miami Cubans identifying as white!!! Until the shit hits the fan…hmph! Great read. ✊🏽

  4. Good luck getting Cubans on your side, or any other people outside of naive blacks and Baizuos.

    Most non-blacks know there’s very little White supremacy in America but lots a prejudice against blacks and it comes from all races, including other blacks. It didn’t happen by accident and it didn’t come from hate. The hate came from experience. Experience spent living amongst blacks. It’s not just America, either. It’s taking over Europe, Canada, hell even China starting banning blacks from businesses for allegedly spreading China Virus. In Brazil, Rio police are killing 1,800+ criminals every year in just one city. The majority of the killings are blacks, but the city looks the other way because they see it as a problem being solved.

    If it seems like there’s something wrong with everyone but your own people, then your people are likely the problem. Same with Muslims. They’re currently having problems with Christians, Jews, Hindus, other Muslims, Godless communists and even Buddhists, too.

    You’re right about White leftists using your cause for their own gain, though. Makes you think, who’s really racist? The party that ignores your plight and tells you to pick yourself up, or the party that acts as a friend but has been using you for their own gains for over 150 years?

    Go ahead, call me racist and dismiss what I’ve said. It’s why you’ll never learn or grow, and it’s exactly what everyone expects.

  5. go to Africa and quit ruining America…Ruin,destroy,wreck,crime,gangs,bringing down our average IQ,ghettos…blacks owe whites everything

  6. LOL you’re such a racist sack of dog shit. I’ve never in my life seen a group of people with more excuses than black America. People like you set race relations back by generations because you’re too myopic to understand you’re the exact thing that you claim to despise. You lump all white people together, then whine like a stupid cunt when the same is done to you. You shun your allies who might be white because you prefer black supremacy to actual unity. Fuck you and fuck your whole petty little victim community.

  7. And I’m so tired of black people being fed up with “White America”, which is full of so many white people. Furthermore, if you’re tired of white people, then why are you here in America, where the majority is white, in a country that we white people founded? There are plenty of nations in Africa where the majority is black and you don’t have to deal with white people; why not go there and make a better life for yourself? This isn’t me being racist, it’s being logical. If I am a vegan and I hate meat, then why would I go to a steakhouse to eat all the time…and then complain about them only serving steak? It would be as arbitrary as me moving to Iran and then complaining about all the Iranians and Muslims. And before you bring up slavery and being forced to come over here, none of you are slaves and you are all free men and women, so you are not stuck here in America against your will (did Moses stay in Egypt with the slaves, or did he leave Egypt with the slaves after they were freed?). On the other hand, if you believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream (I do), then stay here and strive for unity and colorblindness, not segregation and separation of colors, not black vs white – or nonwhite vs white. Remember his dream. I’m sure I’ll be called a racist, but in between expletives, please think about it logically – we (black, white, Latino, Asian, etc.) are all here to stay.

  8. No sympathy remains for niggers . Black lives don’t mean anything . They are a failed species contributing nothing . Jails are full of them, being duly convicted by jury. Igorant grunting beasts with low IQ demanding a hand out and special treatment.
    We need mass removal of them all .
    Whites created a role model in King because they had none. Enough indignant attitude from niggers. Dimiss their entire race as a failure.
    Can I get an AMEN ?

  9. Dumb fucking nigger. You all deserve to be shot. All you do is commit crime and cry racism when you get shot fighting with cops.

  10. James, I hate niggers, but the Indians were here before White people. By your logic we should move back to Europe. While I’m all for niggers leaving, your logic isn’t good.

  11. Thomas No Shivoga, you’re a typical right wing hick telling your typical right wing lies. You act like you’re the niggers buddy all while you say how much you hate them. At least I’m honest about my hate for niggers.

  12. I’m tired of niggers also. I used to live in a lovely area. Now that the niggers came, it looks like a filthy dumb. And the crime rate has skyrocketed!!!

  13. “Why don’t you click your heels 3 times, and go back to Africa.”

  14. All we had to do was pick our own cotton and yall would be running from lions still. By the way, it was a nigger that first brought niggers to America.

  15. BLM should be categorized as a terrorist group. There is nothing—NOTHING—civil about what they purport to do. I’m sick of this “white supremacy” bullshit that’s so far from the truth and the new anti-white rhetoric that comes with it. If it wasn’t for white people, a majority of blacks wouldn’t have shit. White people were responsible for the emancipation proclamation, signed by a white president. White people are responsible for every thing you use: Your phone, your internet, your TV, your car, and so on. White people are the ones who give you your welfare benefits and tax breaks and this stimulus money that you all can’t wait to get. Are there asshole white people out there? You damn straight there are but most of us aren’t and what’s more is that a vast majority of white people don’t give a shit about you, your “culture”, or anything else you do. We can’t say this publicly but the bottom line is that we don’t want you here and we didn’t ask for you to come here. Your own kind sold you into slavery and Jews financed the whole thing. If you want to spew your hatred, then direct it at them. God knows, they have their hand in everything including our government. If you want us to accept you, then start contributing to society in a POSITIVE way. The shit most of you do is the complete opposite of how people should act in any society. This is why most of the world wants nothing to do with you.

    There is no such thing as “white privilege” either. Most white people got where they are because they worked their asses off to get there. That’s not privilege–that’s making something of yourself.

    It’s not about race. It’s about behavior. So quit whining and pointing fingers at everyone else. If you are “held down”, it’s not because of white people. It’s because of niggers doing the same shit they always do wherever they are. The day you got the right to vote and when schools were desegregated (two other things white people did for you) were when the country went down the toilet.

  16. You need your own planet of the apes! Where you can not work, play the victim even tho your kids strive to be thugs and you can steal each other’s shit, talk like you “is” uneducated and wear your underwear outside your pants ! Every black person I ever trusted stole from me, crashed me car and assaulted my friends! Fuck you and your bottom of the barrel resisting arrest, gangster culture! !

  17. Your making even people who used to be your friends into your enemy. We are sick to death of your entitled attitudes.

  18. Wow, I didn’t know someone could be so….dumb?

    The author probably hasn’t experienced a lick of racism in his life so he has to post stupid stories like this to try and manipulate people into his beliefs.

    You want too keep racism alive because you know it’s to easy to be able to use the race card. People who truly want change don’t sit there and bitch or complain about it. Your job here is obviously to spread hate info around to keep racism strong and alive. If you or you’re people are fucking up and living poor or getting arrested that’s a personal problem. The reason why WHITES and OTHER races including blacks say the things like all lives matter or racism isn’t as bad in America as you make it is because its NOT…I’ve never met a black family who was actually doing good in life sit there and blame white people for their own laziness…only the bloods…crips.. dropouts…and screwups seem to solely focus on racism. A great excuse to not do shit with your life…make people believe America hates you.
    Nope, you’re just downright lazy and don’t want a 9-5 so u rob, steal, loot ect…its not racism. Infact blacks are the only people I’ve seen use real racism in real time.

    I’m sorry but I do believe wholeheartedly that there are far more open racist blacks than whites or anyone else really. Now they’re hating on asians due to asians using race. Blacks don’t like any other race having a race card. It’s the image they’ve worked so hard to keep alive.

  19. Fuck off. You have jogger ball games jogger rap that makes women nothing but sex objects, call out LGBT in disgusting ways, etc, have affirmative action, a whole month dedicated to history…does that include what the plantation tour guide covers including ALL RACES taking part in Atlantic slave trade, while you’re silent on modern day slavery in 2021. You have schools for joggers, TV stations for joggers, music stations for joggers, more millionaire joggers than any other time in history, but also the highest std rates, highest births out of wedlock rates, poor test scores such as that California banned IQ tests, as well as 2 repeat allele genetic tendency for violence.

    You also have actual Africans embarrassed of American blacks na black twitter wars calling you on your BS.


    You call out “white fragility” but use a word as an excuse to lose your sh*t and beat like people. Jogger please, stop blaming your loser BS on wypipo is that sh*t is played out.

  20. Dumbest fucking article I’ve ever read.
    You don’t fight racism with a different version of racism.
    Unfortunately, the black community ( especially in the inner cities) across the country have a defective culture that doesn’t promote emphasis on key things that make families strong such as;
    Avoiding drugs
    Educating their children
    Not having children out of wedlock
    Not committing violence
    Take responsibility for own actions
    Etc… Etc…
    I have yet to see any educated, hardworking , strong values person of color in this country not be successful in life… So quit making excuses for the defective problems plaguing the black community by trying to blame all white people for this self inflicted wound…
    All people of all races consist of both good and bad people. If you want better results in life then embrace a healthier set of values & principals and you will prosper no matter what color your skin is.

  21. Fuck you ya pig fucker. If only niggers existed on earth youd still have the same exact problems. Most of you are lazy, don’t work, fuckin reproduce like flies, and would continue to rape and kill each other. White peoples aren’t your problem, you are. You want a race war you got one.

  22. if we’re such an awful and racist country, why are so many “brown people” wanting to come here? that just doesn’t make any sense…. i think you know the usa isn’t racist. you and your whiny rant is the only thing racist and prejudiced.

  23. To “hate niggers” regarding your comment about indians- the last I checked John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe and Benjamin Franklin weren’t Indians.

    To KN BRYANT- you don’t want equal treatment, you want special treatment. Black culture and black societal norms are robbing, raping, murdering, having total disregard for others, having ten kids and living off welfare. You people make your own bed you can lay in it. Fuck off you primitive cunt.

  24. Thats the most racist read I’ve seen in a long time.
    Thank you Kendra for showing your try identity as a “black person”. You really downgrade your race by showing that someone owes you something that you yourself hasn’t worked for. True work, not a speech. I can speak all day to society but it doesn’t pay my bills. Lucky for you, I go to work to pay yours so you can speak your bullshit. My apologys for being born white and not feeling bad about myself. I would like to offer you a job however. Please respond if you are interested. Its equal opportunity.
    I have three positions open, one is for a senior advisor to marketing. One is for Senior Statistics and strategy. The third is for a worthless piece of shit that talks more than there worth. Please apply for all three.

  25. James,
    So very well said–and true– without even a hint of vitriol! Kendra would do well to follow not only your example, but your words, too. Thank you for the TRUTH!

  26. I am sick and tired of racist african americans, talk this shit irl and punches will be thrown, woman or not..

  27. 450,000 total slaves in the USA over 400 years, vs. 800,000 soldiers dead in the civil war over a few years, you never even said thanks. Did you know that in majority black Brazil, 1 in 27 arrests ends killing of the arrestee, vs. the USA where it’s like 1 in 25,000. You’ll fabricate grievance out of thin air and present it as fact. Stop detroying the places where you live first, then we’ll listen to your discourse.

  28. Given that you and your RACIST self hates white folk, why not move back to the Motherland? Besides, you are nothing but a drain 9n society. Pathetic.

  29. Thank goodness there’s people out there that think like I do…, I am so sick of tired of hearing about white privilege. It’s fucking America founded by the white man!!!! I truly believe there are black people and there are niggers unfortunately there’s more niggers then blacks!!!

  30. It’s sad that you hate being black more than I will ever hate you for being black. I grew up in a mixed community. As soon as I could afford it, I moved far enough away so I couldn’t hear sirens, gunshots, and utter lawlessness. America is not racist and the day YOU make your community as safe as mine will be the day you finally arrived. Stop blaming everyone for your condition. Embrace what’s available to you like I did in this great nation or go before you completely destroy it for everyone else.

  31. Black culture is completely broken, but black people are too fragile to admit it. Own up to your shit and fix your people. Minority population, majority of the crime.

  32. FACE IT
    You were all brought up to think what the government wanted you to think.
    Why dont you people cherish the words of MLK instead of twisting them into your own racial crap.
    CANDACE OWENS! Ever heard of her???
    Shes black shes smart and shes tired of the black communities NIGNORANCE.
    AHHH never mind maybe in a couple hundred more years

  33. No race needs another race to survive and thrive…. except the blacks. Asians, Hispanics, plus, other foreigners have come to America (w/o even knowing the language) and have thrived with their own banks and successful communities.

    The black America still can not even master the English language or figure out how to put on a pair of pants. #belt

    It’s only the black man that can not succeed for himself. Every abled bodied person is responsible for supporting himself.

    Go out into the world and do for yourself and STOP relying on white people and the government to support you!!!

    Every race can support themselves except for black race. They just prove generation after generation how unable and unfit they are.

    Blacks are the neediest race alive. They are the only race that has to have their own schools, their own dumbed down tv stations.

    Black people are unable to assimilate with the rest of the humanity because they are an inferior species of human that can not comprehend and has not evolved like the rest of the world.

    If the entire world does not like you – it’s you! Have you ever heard of the American dream? Ya know who developed that way of life??? White Christians. Why are so many non white people wanting to live in white America? It’s not because of the niggers.

    Niggers are emotional and not logical. They are not problem solvers but rather a problematic race and culture the rest of the world has to endure.

    No one gives a shit about your grievances. We’re all busy and trying to get by in this hard life.

    You niggers may bode well to shut the fuck up and concentrate on learning a skill rather than perpetuating hate and complaining how whitey doesn’t like you and doesn’t give you enough of our earnings and privilege’s WE WORKED OUR ASS OFF FOR!

    … you stupid stupid fucktard niggers! You will never ever learn. You can’t, your inferior. Just know, you can keep complaining, but, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR TEARFUL GRIEVANCE ABOUT HOW NIGGERS CAN’T SUCCED LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD!

  34. Niggers are the one group of people who cannot get their shit together & then blame other people. They litter and dump furniture everywhere, crash their cars into buildings driving 80 mph on city streets, shoot up everything & wonder why they don’t have nice things. Lazy sacks of shit who want hand outs. Kendra, you’re tired of white people. Well, all of us (including the brown people) are tired af of you!

  35. What’s happening here is whites who were never before racist are now withdrawing completely from dealing with you. Won’t hire you, rent to you, do business with you, or have casual friendships with you. Race has been set back decades now.

    You have no idea what sick and tired is until you ask a white how they feel about blacks.

    There are NO successful….. as in ZERO….black societies on this planet. You are the scourge of every place you infect.

  36. Not a SINGLE culture on this planet wants niggers around. I’ve travelled this world and you are hated everywhere. Even on your own continent you destroy everything.

  37. It is quite incredible we have let this experiment go on this long. Upon being freed, all of America sat back and watched to see if the negro would take that freedom and make a life for themselves. I mean more than half of this country wasn’t just pulling for you…the Northern States fought a dam war for you. More than half of this country had their hands out feeding help and currency to you, just hoping the negro would succeed.

    Here we are. My GOD what is taking so long. What’s that you say negro? You give up…where’s the welfare office??? Ah okay let’s go; let’s get you a ride to sign up for you monthly payment, which continues to flow to you. Guess how those checks keep flowing. BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE ARE WORKING AND PAYING TAXES SO YOU CAN SIT AROUND WITH YOUR NASTY FUCKING UNDERWHERE ON THE COUCH PLAYING 2K WHATEVER.

    Blacks and whites alike know the truth. While it’s not the negros fault, at some point in the evolutionary history of life on earth, the was a clear split. The most obvious difference between whites and blacks is the pigment of our skin. People are always getting worked up about skin color, but skin color really doest matter. It’s just a talking point the negro loves to harp on. The REAL DIFFERENCE, IS INTELLIGENCE!!! If you’re shaking your head and can’t understand what I’m explaining, hmmmm, it’s because you are a negro. The gap in intelligence and the ability to retain information, being able to problem solve and plan ahead and even teach something beside hatred of white devils, is genetically out of reach for a negro. It’s unfortunate, but it’s just the facts of life.

  38. I’m sick of hearing about black this and black that, blacks in every commercial and blacks on every sign. The 13% is now everywhere as some sick sort of reparation, but mostly you’ll find blacks looting your house or carjacking you in major cities. Blacks usually smell like pot.

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